Opera is an internet browser designed by the Opera Software company. It’s been taking a backseat to IE and Firefox for years now, but has some great features of its own.

Installation and Setup

Opera is quick to install and the full program is one of the smallest web browsers around, weighing in at only 5MB and beating both Firefox and Chrome. Opera’s memory requirements vary depending on how many websites you are viewing and their content. It’s generally easier on RAM and CPU speed than either Firefox or IE and more comparable to Chrome in terms of its Google footprint.

Ease of Use

Opera is only used by a very small percentage of internet users today, at least those using desktop computers and laptops to access the net. – It’s quite a hit in the mobile world.



But that doesn’t mean it’s not a great choice for a main browser. It’s more lightweight than many of its competitors and it boasts some quite excellent features including fraud and Malware protection. It’s also the browser of choice for Nintendo and powers the ‘Internet Channel’ on the Wii console.

Most of Opera’s features have been seen before in some form and many are indeed available as Firefox plugins, but it’s important to note that they all come pre-installed with Opera and the browser has plenty of its own plugins and customisation options. It’s also one of the fastest browsers around in terms of pure speed. If you’re still using dialup you’ll see some brilliant performances increases in Opera over the standard browsers.

Opera has made some strides in the last year or so to improve website compatibility, one of its biggest flaws. Things still aren’t perfect in this respect and you’ll find some websites simply aren’t displaying properly in Opera, although this is much rarer than it has been with the browser in the past.

Operas latest features bring the software back as a serious contender in the browser race and one to seriously consider the next time you think about trying out a new browser.


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