Paragon Drive Backup Express is a hard disk file backup solution that can provide complete and full backups of both your entire hard drive and individual partitions.

Installation and Setup

Backup Express is quite a large setup file when compared to most free software, and it does require you to enter personal details before you are given a free serial key. A valid email is required to receive your serial. After this, installation takes a couple of minutes and requires a shutdown of your computer. The program takes up around 80MB of space fully installed.

Ease of Use

Backup express has all of the UI hallmarks of a professional, ‘paid’ program, even in this free edition. There are some notable omissions such as no direct backup for individual folders – such options are reserved for paid users – but as a disk imaging system that offers fast and reliable backup for entire drives, it works brilliantly.


We managed to create and restore partitions with ease and the interface and help files provided a wizard style approach to a potentially difficult area.The screen for choosing which drive to backup was a little confusing throwing a bit too much information at us at once. Once navigated however, the process is a simple as selecting the drive you want to store the backup (obviously, it will need to be larger than the original drive) and then waiting. Backup Express used around 35MB while backing up 250GB of data, and took up around 25% of our dual core, E2220 CPU – not a bad result considering the amount of data running through the program. In summary, Backup Express does drive-to-drive backup incredibly well, but the free version may be slightly lacking in the features many people will require from a backup program.

Differences Between Free and Professional

The professional edition fully expands on the features offered in the free package, including CD/DVD backup, backup scheduling and differential backups. It also includes file restoration and simple partitioning services. The personal edition of the program costs $39.95. Download Paragon Drive Backup 9.0 Express Now!

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