The PDF-XChange Viewer software is a simple piece of software that makes life that little bit easier. Computer users wishing to simply view or even modify PDF files can now use something different to the Adobe Reader program to get the job done. This clever piece of software is not just faster and incorporates more features, but it is also a lot smaller than Adobe Reader.

Users can use the standard PDF-XChange Viewer or they can upgrade to the PRO version of the software which tends to incorporate a lot more features that in standard form. At the moment, no other PDF reader in the world offers the wealth of features that this piece of software does, especially considering that this version can be picked up for free in standard form.


So we have determined that the PDF-XChange Viewer piece of software is more than adequate, especially in comparison to most other PDF readers. The question is; how easy is the installation process? Well, as it turns out, extremely easy!

To install the PDF-XChange Viewer, users will need to follow a simple few steps to be on their way. First of all, the user will need to download the files. Once they have done this, they need to extract them and use the basic installation instructions provided to get it installed quickly and easily. In terms of ease of installation, it really does not get any easier than the PDF-XChange Viewer installation process.

Ease of Use

A lot of people that are not technologically minded get confused when using some of the other PDF readers. Fear not though, the PDF-XChange Viewer has been designed with ease of use in mind, so even computer users with the most basic technical knowledge will be able to easily install and use the PDF-XChange Viewer to its full potential.

PDF-XChange Viewer

The pros relating to the PDF-XChange Viewer make it that much easier to use. Most computer users will find that it functions well with their PC, allowing them to quickly and efficiently locate computer resources on their PC. In fact, once they find these resources, they can edit them easily using the vast range of configuration and editing options that have been made available.

Like all pieces of software though, the PDF-XChange Viewer does have a few downsides. These are fairly minimal and are limited to things like users cannot create documents and some of the features automatically stay enabled unless users disable them.

Download PDF-XChange Viewer

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