PhotoRec is one of the popular file and data recovery systems that are currently available. The idea behind the PhotoRec software is to try and recover any lost files. These files could be anything including videos and documents. They could be on places such as hard disks, CD-ROMS but it can also access lost pictures if the camera uses digital memory.

The great thing about PhotoRec is that it does not focus its’ energy on the file system. Instead, it focuses its’ energy on the data contained on the memory device, which means it can access files even if the data has been reformatted at some point and even damaged!

 Installation of PhotoRec

PhotoRec is not a particularly complicated piece of software to install. Instead of using complex installation techniques, the developers have ensured that the software is simple and easy to use; right from the installation process. The step by step instructions will allow anyone, regardless of their technical ability, to get the software installed quickly.

PhotoRec is only available for certain operating systems. These include the likes of DOS/Win9x, Windows NT 4/2000/XP/2003/Vista/2008/7, Linux, FreeBSD, NetBSD, OpenBSD, Sun Solaris and Mac OS X.

PhotoRec has become popular extremely quickly because of how flexible it is. It can easily work with things like hard disks, CD-ROMS but it can also gain access to things like memory cards, which include MicroDrives and SmartMedia.

PhotoRec ease of use

PhotoRec is an easy to use piece of open source application that works on a multi platform basis. The application is obtainable via a General Public License which means it can be accessed easily. Many reviewers have compared its features and its quality to pieces of software such as TestDisk, which works in a very similar way.

PhotoRec ensures that safety is a priority at all times, by using only read access. This is essential when using things like memory cards so that the lost data is protected at all times and is not damaged even more. One thing to bear in mind is that if things start to go missing, do not save any more files, as it may overwrite the data that has been lost.

Recovering lost files using PhotoRec is extremely simple. The system automatically searches for the lost data and will operate in different ways depending if the files are damaged or not. PhotoRec will know this by locating the data that is missing and then doing a quick assessment for damage.

Download PhotoRec for free

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