Photoscape is an image editor pack that is great for editing and viewing photos, creating collages, screen capturing, previewing image files on your computer in Windows Explorer, creating animated gifs, splitting photos into several parts, printing, batch editing and renaming your images and more. It supports the most popular image file formats such as jpeg, png, gif and has a built-in raw to jpg converting tool. If you are looking for easy to use, lightweight, yet very functional and above all absolutely free image editing tool, then Photoscape is exactly what you need.


The Photoscape installation file is 15.45MB and the installation is pretty straightforward. Once installed you don’t have to change any settings or configurations and can start using the editor right away.

Ease of use

Even though a bit unconventional the user interface is pretty easy to understand and navigate. Technically Photoscape is a collection of tools, but the editor is what makes it great – it allows you to easily edit images, add speech balloons, add objects, crop your image, resize it, make color adjustments, there is even a red eye removal, mole removal and mosaic tools built-in. As expected, you can also adjust the brightness of the image, its contrast, apply filters, sharpen it, colorize it or de-color it and add symbols or text using the rich text or the symbol tools. The batch editing tool is perfect for batch renaming all the images in a single folder, adjusting or reducing their width or height, converting them to a different file format and performing other common batch operations.

The editor has a few shortcomings namely the inability to work with more than one image at the same time and also does not support some common keyboard shortcuts that most users are familiar with from other applications. Photoscape loads really fast and uses less system resources than some similar applications.

Photoscape is a freeware and works on Windows 95, Windows 98, Windows 2000, Windows Me, Windows NT, Windows XP, Windows Vista and Windows 7

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