Piriform Defraggler is an application which allows you to defrag your drives that provides a far wider range of options and settings than Windows’ default defrag program.

Installation and Setup

Defraggler is made by Piriform, famous for registry and system cleaner, CCleaner. As anyone that has used this application will know, Piriform pride themselves on providing excellent and easy to use freeware applications with no ‘catch’. As such, the program installs simply and quickly, works on all modern version of Windows and takes up around 3MB of space fully installed.

Ease of Use

Defragging is a necessary evil for modern computer users. If your computer experiencing slow downs, particularly in accessing the hard drive, it can give you a noticeable speed increase. However, defragging programs tend to be either slow or inefficient like Windows own in-built application, or costly. Defraggler bucks the trend by being both 100% free and incredibly quick and easy to use.

Defraggler In action

The main ‘hook’ for Defraggler is that you don’t just have to defragment entire drives – once your drive has been analyzed you can choose to defrag individual files. This is a great time saving device and very useful if you have large hard drives where the vast majority of your files are not in need of any maintenance.

While defragmenting the program used between 250 and 300MB of RAM on our test computer – not bad considering the amount of work it takes to defrag a drive. Even better, the system is perfectly capable of running even when you are using the computer. Windows’ defrag system will quite often restart every single time a file is edited or accessed while it’s running. If nothing else, Defraggler is a cost free alternative to leaving your PC on all night to defrag files.

Our test system ran as normal while the program worked, but if you do want to set your system to defrag while you are away Defraggler’s simple scheduling options will allow you set this up.

In summary, Defraggler makes a somewhat arduous but necessary task so much easier that there’s very little reason not to keep the program installed.

Download Piriform Defraggler now

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