Have you ever had a problem deleting a file? You get an error saying the file is in use and cannot be deleted?

What is KillBox?
KillBox is a tool to delete in-use files. If the file is running, KillBox will attempt to end the process (close the running file) and delete it. For more difficult files that have loaded .dll’s or are services, Delete on Reboot will use the native Windows function of deleting or replacing in-use files.

To run this utility simply extract the archive and run killbox.exe, type in or browse for the file/folder you want to delete and choose the type of deleting you want:


  • Standard File Kill – this option will try to stop the file from running and then delete it
  • Delete On Reboot – this option will delete the file before Windows has finished booting up
  • Replace On Reboot – this option will replace the given file or folder with a file/folder you choose or with a dummy file

If you have problems deleting a file try ending the explorer shell while deleting ;)

Download KillBox


  1. Fred

    Great little utility.I had a file on my laptop/Vista Home Premium and I tried 10 or 15 ways to get rid of it but only Killbox worked.

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