Pokki is one of the newer and more impressive applications in the technological world. This is an installer that allows computer users access to a range of web apps from their PC without too much trouble. Pokki has been extensively developed, but they are still urging developers to get on board to help develop further. There are plenty of features available to computer users with a few simple clicks of a button.

 Installation of Pokki

There are lots of basic video demonstrations of the installation process. The installation process is incredibly simple and even the less technical computers will not have any problems installing it quickly and easily. Pokki is an application that can be installed by anyone and used by anyone! Pokki is certainly one of the easier applications when it comes to the installation process.

Pokki in use


The ease of use relating to applications is something that gets a lot of focus. The Future of Web Apps conference is one where people can get to grips with the best and newest web apps and applications. One of the sponsors of the event was Pokki, promoting the launch of their new product, which is likely to be a huge hit with all people that love technical gadgets.


Using the Pokki application is incredibly easy. With step by step instructions related to the installation and general use of the application, it’s hard to take a wrong turn. In fact, video sites like YouTube already have some in depth instructional videos for anyone that is having problems.


The main problem that people are finding is that the range of operating systems supported is not particularly extensive. For the moment, the Pokki application will only be installed on PCs using the Windows operating system. Over time, Pokki is looking to release new versions of their application, which will hopefully support operating systems such as the older versions of windows and of course; OSX.

Pokki on Windows 7

The construction of the Pokki setup is what makes it really easy to use. Using a combination of HTML5, CSS3 and JavaScript, the application can do everything it needs to impress users. That being said, the app also provides enough flexibility so that new developers can be getting involved. Items like FaceBook, Gmail and Twitter are all easy to use using the Pokki application. Of course, there are plenty of other applications that can be run using the Pokki application; it is simply down to personal preference.


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