Powerresizer makes working with multiple windows extremely easy and lets you maximize your desktop space; even though some of its functionalities are built-in in Windows 7, it comes with additional features that make working with numerous windows much easier.


The PowerResizer’s installation file is tiny and can be downloaded in a matter of seconds. Launch the installer, accept the terms, choose the destination folder, and complete the remaining steps of the Wizard in order to install the tool.

power resizer instalation

power resizer


Make sure that you remember the destination folder since the program does not give you an option for adding itself to the Desktop or the Quick Launch taskbar.

Ease of use

Once installed, you can find the PowerResizer’s icon on your system tray and right-clicking it will present you with all the options that this tiny program offers.

There is no built-in help file though, so you will have to go back to the folder, where the programs has been installed and open the Readme.txt file in order to find out how to dock, move, resize, or reposition your windows and what shortcuts you can use in order to perform these operations. Using PowerResizer you can dock your windows to any corner of your screen, resize a window while maintaining its center position, center a window on the screen, rotate the docked windows clockwise or counterclockwise and repositions them. The program allows interactive docking – once you have two windows aligned horizontally or vertically you can resize them simultaneously by clicking on their border and dragging.

Even though we successfully installed the program on a Windows 7 computer, we couldn’t launch it; we installed and ran PowerResizer on a Windows XP machine without any hick-ups and it performed all the functions mentioned above really well. The tool is tiny and uses minimal system resources; if you want to disable it you can do that by right clicking on the system tray icon and deselecting the top option.

PowerResizer is a freeware, released under the GNU General Public License (GPL) and works on Windows 32-bit computers

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