As you might now windows XP with SP2 got a limit of 10 TCP connect attempts at the same time. Microsoft said they made this restriction to prevent worms from spreading. But that is not really true. This restriction will not really prevent worms from spreading…

It will only be a pain if you are using Bittorrent as it’s make your computer only try to make 10 new connections at the time which will make the download slower if you are downloading a torrent with much seeds and lechers, like a Linux torrent, even your web browser and email client could be affected. So LvlLord decided to make a patch to solve this problem.


The patch replaces the default TCPIP.SYS file. How do I do all this? Well first thing you could do is to download the free patch . Then unzip the folder. Double click the EvID4226Patch.exe file and follow the instructions.

Download the EvID4226Patch

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