Nowadays, anything that can be downloaded and installed to make the internet more useful, or fun to use, is certainly going to be something worth looking at. This is certainly something that the ScrapBook add-on manages to achieve, which is why its popularity has increased dramatically since its initial launch. Essentially, the ScrapBook add-on is a way to capture or a page, something that is also called a page grabber. It has been designed as an add-on for Firefox and allows users to make the most out of their time on the internet. Users can now store web pages that they like and use them instantly in the future.



Installation of the ScrapBook add-on for Firefox is extremely easy. Download the files from any free download site and follow the basic installation instructions. These instructions are fairly simplistic, as this is a simple add-on, rather than a piece of full scale software.

Ease of Use

The popularity surrounding the ScrapBoook add-on is partly thanks to its ease of use, but the amount of features that it incorporates as well. Users can easily manage their portfolio of web pages that they like. Using the tools that are incorporated into ScrapBook, they can highlight pages, erase them and do a search for text based on the page that they have stored.

Alongside this, features such as filtering pages and editing have also been included. The usability of the ScrapBook add-on is extremely simple, designed for people with minimal technical abilities, which is why it appeals to the masses. One of the best uses for this tool would certainly be for people conducting research online, as they are easily able to manage the useful content that they have found.

The features that have been incorporated into the ScrapBook add-on certainly set it aside from anything that is classed as comparable. Allowing users to capture or store web pages is this tool in its most basic form. It is the extended features that are included that make this tool extra special. Things like being able to save files, images and web pages, as well as erasing, editing and highlighting them, make this one of the ultimate free add-ons available at the moment.


Unlike a lot of other tools that capture web pages, the ScrapBook add-on allows people to capture part of a page. This means that when they go back to a page they liked, they do not have to dig through unrelated information to find what they deemed to be useful.

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