SimpleOCR is a popular program that is used to change images that have been scanned, into both text files and Word documents. The process may sound extremely complicated, but with the help of SimpleOCR, it is actually extremely simple! One of the major benefits of using SimpleOCR is the fact that it is 100% free of charge.

SimpleOCR is one of the better freeware applications that are out there. Instead of giving users a taste of what could be if they paid for the full version, users get the full experience right out of the box. This is a great royalty free piece of software for conversions for any developer.

Installation of FreeOCR

Many users tend to be surprised by just how little space the SimpleOCR application actually uses. This is just a converter, so the space it uses is minimal. Following the on screen instructions will allow users to install the program within a few minutes. The support function can be used for anyone that is struggling to successfully install the application.

FreeOCR in use

SimpleOCR features lots of different things to ensure that the usability of the product is as easy as possible. This is something that the developers focused on intensely, to ensure that even the users with little technical experience could use this piece of software to its full potential; something that they have managed to achieve.

The SimpleOCR features things such as TWAIN scanning and even allows users the ability to manually highlight the text and image zones that they are looking to change. If that is not enough, it incorporates things such as English and French dictionaries and even correction facilities that help users in case they make an error.

The great thing about SimpleOCR is that it allows people to convert as many or as little documents as they require. Even if the user is looking to convert just a couple of documents, they can do so with spending hours and lots of cash in the process. All they need to do is input the correct data into the SimpleOCR software and they will have the conversion within a matter of minutes.

The most important and interesting point about SimpleOCR is that it can almost be used by anyone. Although the main focus of the software has been for developers, the reality is that anyone with basic computer experience can operate the software successfully, which is why the popularity of this product is increasing so rapidly.

Download SimpleOCR  from Brothersoft

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