Sometimes we don’t need to know anything about our computers except how many resources they have available. Sometimes we need to delve a little deeper in order to install new hardware or software, or diagnose any problems. Rarely, we have a need to look at the full information about our computer or a part of it — from the GUID of our network card to the size of our processors Instructions cache. For those situations there’s the excellent – although unoriginally named – System Information for Windows.


Installation and Setup
Use of the program requires very little ram and a straight install is less than 3MB. SIW is the kind of program you are likely to install when you need it and forget about until the next time it becomes useful, so its small space is a definite advantage.

Ease of Use

SIW is a very easy to use program that doesn’t require a lot of explanation. Upon loading, the program will scan your computer and its hardware to find out exactly what’s going on and then report back to you on the results. There’s a long list of different functions we won’t list in their entirety but all of them give you in-depth information about that particular part of your computers system.


SIW also incorporates a lot of Windows administrative tools and scans your active DLLs and processes so it can give you plenty of information about the status of your operating itself as well as the hardware. Although the more basic stuff is loaded when the program starts if you delve deeper into the menus you do have to sometimes wait for the program to respond although the amount of data it can pull up in a short period of time is very impressive.

Along with all this, SIW also includes a number of small tools that you’ll find very useful on occasion such as a password cracker (to find out hidden passwords that have become censored on windows) and a MAC address changer, along with some other some other small tools. Having all of these little bonuses on hand without installing separate applications is the icing on the cake for SIW.

We recommend SIW to anyone who wants to know more about their system or diagnose any problem they are having. Even beginners may find SIW useful for finding information that more advanced users may have requested online or over the phone.

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