Speccy is a free tool that will inspect your computer configuration and give you information about the CPU, the hard drive, the optical drives, the RAM, the graphic card and other components of your hardware, as well as the installed operating system. This is very useful if you need to update your drivers, find out if you can add more RAM or replace any of your RAM chips and see if your computer meets the minimum requirements for running certain program or a game; advanced users or computer technicians can get other useful information such as CPU temperature, bus speed, BIOS brand and version, DRAM Frequency, etc.


The installation file is only 1 154KB and the installation process simple – the only options that you can change are the program’s shortcuts that you wish to add.

Ease of use

Speccy is extremely easy to use – as soon as you start the program, it will inspect your hardware in a matter of seconds and give you a summary of all the major components in your computer and the operating system installed.

If you need more information about any of the listed components, click on its link in the left pane and you will see all the information that Speccy has gathered.

You can choose to display or hide the navigation menu and you can also save and load a snapshot of your current computer configuration. The program displays the temperature of your hard drives and your CPU, including the average temperature and the temperature of each core if you have a dual processor. All this information can help you determine if you have any hardware problems, such as non-working CPU fan, and can save you countless online searches that you have to otherwise do in order to find out what make is one or other of your computer components. You can also install and run the program on a computer that you are about to purchase in order to find out if it has the hardware that the seller claims.

Speccy is a freeware and works on Windows 2000, Windows XP, Windows 2003, Windows Vista and Windows 7

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