Spyware Terminator might not be the biggest name in anti spyware products, but that doesn’t mean it isn’t capable of flushing your system of unwanted malware. Offering features like the real time protection so often left to premium versions of products, Spyware Terminator proves to be a strong competitor in the field of system security.


Installation and Setup

The program takes up around 30MB of space and uses around 100 MB of ram when scanning. This drops to around 25MB when idle with real time protection turned on. Installation requires extra downloading and offers to install various extra components, including a security toolbar. The setup is quite extensive and will allow you to initially configure the program for advanced or simple users.

Ease of Use

Spyware Terminator can either run as a standard scanner – either through manually requesting a scan or scheduling a set time to run – or through real time protection monitoring new files downloaded and installed. This is already more than what most other anti spyware programs let you do in their free products.

The program also has integrated antivirus from ClamAV which functions well, although isn’t as good at detection as other independent virus checkers. Both programs function together and all of the same features such as scheduling and updates can apply to both.


The interface of Spyware Terminator is excellent and provides everything you could need from a security program: easy to access settings, important information right on the home screen and tabs to neatly separate different functions of the program.

The Spyware Terminator team even offer free email support for the program, something that’s very rare amongst free software, which normally has to rely on user support through forums.

If you need a security program that’s great at catching malware and offers true real time scans and scheduling, Spyware Terminator is one of the few programs available that doesn’t make you pay for the privilege.

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  1. Donald Guénen

    You write that “The Spyware Terminator team even offer free email support for the program…”. Well, I can assure you that the link for said “email support” cannot be found on their website, and if it’s there, it’s extremely well hidden!

    I just bought and installed their program and it prevents me from accessing absolutely ANYTHING on my computer: as soon as I touch a button, the computer freezes. The only way I can use my computer now is by deactivating the Spyware Terminator altogether, which was NOT the purpose for my purchasing it…

    Can you please help me? Thanking you very much in advance.


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