SUPERAntiSpyware does exactly what it’s rather long name suggests – it’s a lightweight but powerful Spyware scanner and removal utility. Although it has a similar name to many damaging products that actually infect your computer rather than helping it, rest assured it is a completely legitimate program!

Installation and Setup

Installation is fast and easy, with the fully extracted program taking up around 20MB of hard drive space, although this may vary depending on the size of the update file available. The wizard takes care of most of the initial setup. The program asks for your email and to send a “report” back to help diagnose future problems, although both of these are entirely optional.

Ease of Use

SUPERAntiSpyware is designed to remove all of the annoying Spyware and Malware than can build up on the hard drive of even the most careful computer users. The most important elements of a Spyware program are its speed and thoroughness. We tested the program on a laptop with 80GB of space used. The laptop had just been declared ‘spyware free’ by another popular product.

SUPERAntiSpyware in action

The program took 4 minutes to scan the system in ‘quick scan’ mode, and found two things the previous product had not picked up. Although both fairly harmless tracking cookies, these are not something you want hanging around on your system. The program gives options to ignore, delete, quarantine or mark files as false positives. This is an excellent result, especially in regard to the time it takes. A full scan takes a lot longer, although the program recommends you only need to run it once every 30 days.

Differences between Free and Professional

The free version of SUPERAntiSpyware is fully functional, allowing full search and removal options. The professional edition offers real time scanning and scheduled scans, both useful but not necessary features to manage your spyware.

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