SyncToy is a member of the XP ‘power tools’ suite that gives users of the now dated operating some additional functionality without charge. Although some of the power tool set hasn’t been updated for many years, SyncToy has had a more recent upgrade. We take a look at how you can use Synctoy 2.0 to give XP another useful feature.


Installation and Setup

Setup and installation take a matter of seconds, and the entire program installs into just 2MB of space. It uses around 30MB of RAM – quite a lot considering what the program is doing. This isn’t really a problem though, considering you don’t need SyncToy running all the time.

Ease of Use

To actually configure SyncToy, you only need to select a folder on the left and right of the program that you wish to synch up. Once you’ve set up your source folder and your target folder, you can then choose exactly how you want the files synchronised.

You choose from Synchronise (Updated files and new files are copied both ways, as are deletions and any edits to the files.), Echo (New and updated files are copied from left to right) and Contribute (New and updated files are coped left to right but with no deletions). These settings make it easy to decide exactly how to swap files between the two folders based on your needs.


SyncToy is especially useful if you’re using a memory stick and want the computer to update any file changes on both the memory stick and the hard drive without having to constantly copy all the files back and forth whenever you make changes.

It’s also very good for keeping files on your portable media players updated, providing they show up as folders and not in a specific program like the iPod,

SyncToy won’t be useful for everybody but if you’ve got portable devices and are fed up having to copy things back and forth all the time, it’s a vital time saving application that only takes a couple of seconds to set up and install.

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