TeamViewer is an application that gives you remote access to another computer, allowing you to easily connect to your home computer from your office computer or vice versa; it let’s also computer technicians perform off-site work, or can be used simply for sharing files between two computers connected to the Internet. Even though the latest operating systems have built-in remote connection tools, they aren’t very easy to install or configure, which is why TeamViewer has been gaining popularity. You don’t have to create hosts and clients, there is no need for complicated configuration tweaking, or setting firewall and router exceptions – all you need is to run TeamViewer on two computers and you can initiate a remote session right away.


The full package of TeamViewer is a 2 230 KB file and can be installed just like any other Windows application or can run without installation; there are other packages available for download: TeamViewer QuickSupport, TeamViewer Host, TeamViewer Manager and TeamViewer Portable for mobile users, and this can be quite overwhelming, but in most cases all you have to do is simply install and run the full version on both computers in order to make your life simpler.

Ease of use

Compared to similar remote access software TeamViewer is extremely easy to use; in most cases remote connecting two computers has never been an easy process – apart from dealing with dynamic IP addresses, and computer and router firewalls, you had to install and configure client and server on the two computers in order to establish a remote session.

TeamViewer automatically assigns ID and password to each machine, which ID and passwords are then used to establish the remote access connection. You can connect to the other computer in presentation, file transfer, VPN and remote support mode; the presentation mode allows the user, whose computer you are connecting to to watch your actions on his machine. TeamViewer uses 128-bit encryption, which makes your remote sessions secure and the application also works behind firewalls. About the only drawback is that the help file has an online PDF version only.

TeamViewer is free for non-commercial use and works on Windows 98, Windows 2000, Windows 2003, Windows XP, Windows NT and Windows 7

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