The computers operating system is an integral part of the personal computer. This is the basic “software” side of computing. Without it you cannot operate the programs that are installed in your laptop or PC. In other words, without the operating system your computer will just be a big paper weight. In the case of the Microsoft OS based PC, the operating system has indeed grown by leaps and bounds.

It all started from the utilitarian DOS then advancing to Windows into the new generation of OS we now call Vista. For computer geeks, tweaking the computers OS to squeeze in every amount of performance is quite easy. But to the uninitiated this could become a technological nightmare. But worry no more because the Thoosje Vista Tweaker is here.

Thoosje Vista Tweaker

The Thoosje Vista Tweaker is recognized as the first professional program that is able to tweak Vista performance; making it much faster and efficient. Most importantly it is free and could be downloaded off the internet from accredited download sites


It boast of 60 Vista tweaks that could make your system run faster, more importantly, you could do this tweaking even though you don’t have any knowledge about system settings and registry. With the Thoosje Vista Tweaker, you could safely manage your PC’s basic Vista settings which includes; secure, network and file settings in the registry. It could also manage your start-up menu via the start-up manager. Your Internet browsing could also be improved by tweaking the Internet Explorer settings for downloads, security, and zone restrictions to name a few.

Most importantly it will boost your Vista equipped system by managing its boot process and enhancing application program performance. All this could be controlled by the highly interactive interface that it has.  The menu is quite logically arranged and very appealing to the senses. The degree of complication in using the program is unnoticeable since all the selection is easy to understand. There is also an option included where you could choose what to optimize first, be it the System UI, Internet Explorer, or General performance. However, if you feel like not going into all that trouble and detail, you could just perform the tweaks in one instance.

Download Thoosje Vista Tweaker

Download Thoosje Vista Tweaker from the publishers website, this ensures you have got the most recent version.

Then after installing, start the program from the shortcut it created in the desktop. It is important to make a backup before tweaking away with this software. Don’t worry it will ask you to make a backup before starting to tweak; this will be saved in an XML file.

Now if something went wrong, there is an easy restore function that will roll back your system to its original setting.
Overall this is a robust and well designed tweaker that will surely make some difference in the performance of your Vista based system.

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