TightVNC allows you to administrate a computer remotely. This might not sound like the most exciting thing ever, but it’s actually very useful program with a huge variety of usages. You can use TightVNC for anything from quick technical support to a long lasting solution for people who own more than one computer but don’t want to spend their time running between. Media Centres are a good example of this.


Installation and Setup

TightVNC comes in two flavours, the client and the server. The server will need to be installed on any computer that you want to access. You can set it as a Windows service if you don’t want to worry about starting up the program each time. You can also set an individual password. The viewer is installed on each computer you want to be able to access the server.

TightVNC normally uses up about 40-80MB when in use. Both programs combined take up about 2MB of space.

We also recommend downloading the DFMirage driver which will improve TightVNC’s ability to display special effects and generally speed up the frame rate.

Ease of Use

Business users might look past TightVNC as it’s not as fully featured as its commercial peers, but TightVNC is actually a very stable program that’s great for remote administrating — providing you stick with basic tasks.

The interface of the program is a little tricky as it relies mostly on some rather vague buttons and hotkeys. Luckily there isn’t that much that needs to be configured. After the first few uses you can load TightVNC, input a password and have the remote computer appear full screen on your desktop without having to worry about any further configuration.


There were a fair amount of visual anomalies in the program, especially when doing things like dragging the mouse and scrolling using the middle mouse button, but overall the result was good and we were easily able to browse the web, check emails, change settings and install programs from another computer using the program.

TightVNC could be even better if a few bugs were ironed out, but overall it’s great for light home use.

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