UltraVNC takes technology to the next level. This piece of free software has been designed to allow people to view another computer screen on the screen of the computer that is currently being used. This can be extremely useful for people, especially those that work from home, do trading, offering demonstrations, offering computer support or things similar.

UltraVNC manages to differentiate itself from other pieces of software out there; as it allows the user to operate both PCs from one remote mouse, meaning that they do not need to move from one PC to the other in order to operate each individual PC. One of the main things that UltraVNC is being used for is computer support workers, where they can access multiple PCs at once. Add-ons can be utilized to get the most out of the software.

Installation of UltraVNC

The installation process has been simplified as much as possible to ensure that almost anyone can get this piece of software installed without any trouble. UltraVNC supports many different operating systems. Some of the operating systems include Windows 95, 98, Me, NT4, XP, Vista and even Windows 7.

UltraVNC in use

Making the software easy to use was the aim with the UltraVNC. A lot of people that need to access several computer systems at once via one computer screen struggle as the user interface is not simple at all. This is certainly not the case with UltraVNC, which easily allows users to organize screens so they know exactly where they are up to

UltraVNC has been designed with a range of different work forces in mind. Generally, it suits people working in environments including help desks, IT departments, companies offering computer support and demonstrations. That being said, it has also caught on in environments such as e-Learning and controlling classroom activity.

The features that are incorporated into the UltraVNC software are what make it so popular. Some of the most important features include things such as a video driver and a file transfer feature. If this does not seem like enough then how about MS logon and text chat alongside viewer toolbar?

The add-ons are just as impressive in the UltraVNC software. They include features such as SingleClick and NaTtoNaT connectors, which make many complex situations very simple. Overall the combination of add-ons and features make this piece of software an extremely good one to be using.

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