Video files can be tricky things to get your head around. A word document is going to open in word, no matter what the content is. A Jpeg picture will be viewable on your photo editing software on any modern computer without the need to download extra files. Video doesn’t work quite like that, unfortunately. There are so many different codecs and combinations available that you are bound to run into a video file you can’t play sooner or later, and that’s where VideoInspector comes in.


Installation and Setup

VideoInspector installs to about 3MB of space and uses around 5MB of ram when running, even when analysing files, which only takes a few seconds. Settings are rather minimal and mostly involve changing the language of the program.

Ease of Use

VideoInspector couldn’t be easier to use – you simply point the program to a video file that you’re having trouble with and it’ll give you some information about the file codec. The good thing about VI is that it doesn’t’ tell you any information you find useful in getting the video file to play – the program understands its purpose and doesn’t try to go beyond that.


Alongside a simple listing of the codec, the program will also tell you if you have this codec installed. It splits video and audio so you can quickly tell what you need to download. The program does have a download option, although this simply links the player to the software’s online database, which often doesn’t have a large amount of information about the codec and doesn’t actually contain any downloads.

Because of this, it’s best to use VI in conjunction with Google to find and download the files you need. You could also try downloading and trying out VLC, which works on a variety of different video files that players like WMP do not.

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