Although VirtualDub’s own site admits that their software lacks the editing power of programs like Premiere, it’s still an excellent performer and one of the best options around if you’re looking to edit video, with its fast operation speed, third party support and batch processing abilities. At its most basic, VirtualDub is a program that designed to do quick and easy clean up and capture of digital video. We take a look to see just how it handles this often complex task.


Installation and Setup

VirtualDub doesn’t have a proper installer, something that is quite rare in the modern age of freeware software. You’ll have to manually install the program wherever you want using a program like WinRAR. On the positive side, Virtual dub is around 1 MB in size, around 200 MB less than most video editing software. It’s also very lightweight, although the program will require a powerful system to use – something that is true of any video editing software.

Ease of Use

VirtualDub has many different features for video editing, but rather than a long list of boring technical abilities, we thought it was better to highlight the kind of uses you can get out of the program.

Firstly, VirtualDub is great at converting movies to different formats – providing you have the codecs. For example, If you’ve captured video from your desktop or a game using another program like FRAPs, you can very quickly convert the video, add filters (which can help to resize or otherwise change the appearance of the video) and save in a format that’s friendly for uploading to the internet. Many other programs make this a complicated process but in VirtualDub it takes only a few clicks.


Another major use for the program is joining video files together. You can use it to very quickly add multiple video files, edit and cut out any duplicate material and then merge the files into a single copy – either in the same format or different format to the originals.

There’s plenty more you can do VirtualDub and its focus on batch editing makes it a great tool if you’ve got a lot of video files you want to quickly edit at once.

While VirtualDub my no means replaces any large scale commercial editing software, this was never its intention. You can’t create a movie with the program, but you can make simple edits and conversions within minutes making it perfect for light use.

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