If you want to download files of any kind: movies, music, video clips, documents, software, games and books, then Vuze is the tool that you need. With this based on the bittorent protocol application even the largest files can be downloaded in a matter of minutes, providing that you have fast Internet connection and there are enough people seeding them; this allows independent producers and musicians to share their work with millions of users Worldwide without having to spend huge amount of money on bandwidth and servers. It also lets the regular user share any of his files with all his online friends or the entire community.


Vuze is easy to install, but the latest release comes with a few add-ons such as toolbar, Outlook plug-in, and a default browser search option, which you might wish to omit from your installation. Depending on your firewall settings, you might get a prompt right after the installation letting you know that some of the program’s features have been blocked – make your selection from the two options (private or public computer) and click the Allow access button in order to enable them.

Ease of use

Vuze comes with a built-in browser, which lets you search for, download, and play media files; the interface is easy to use and navigate and a simple three-step guide will show you how to use software right away. The Vuze’s own HD network can be accessed from within the program with a single mouse click and will give you access to comedy and music videos, TV shows, games and other torrents. All features that you might be familiar with in other bittorent clients such as queuing, assigning priorities, starting and pausing the torrents downloads and IP filters can be found here as well. The advanced users and independent content producers, who wish to share their media files, can take advantage of proxy use, different seeding and downloading management rules, trackers, torrent creation wizards and other options.

All the torrents that are currently being downloaded or seeded are neatly organized in a Media Library, giving you quick access to any of them – right clicking on the torrent will show any additional information that you might need such as elapsed time, estimated downloading time, download speed, number of seeds, etc. The Vuze community forum and blog can be accessed from the main menu and so can the help files, the configuration wizard and tools such as My Tracker, Consoles, Statistics and Transfer Bar.

Vuze is a freeware, cross-platform application and runs on Windows 2000, Windows 2003, Windows XP, Windows Vista, and Windows 7

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