Winamp is by far one of the most popular media players, downloaded by millions of users Worldwide. It can playback all popular media file types, comes with built-in equalizer, the sound quality is good, can be expanded with the help of the countless plug-ins and allows you to easily save and organize your playlists. The latest release comes with portable device sync support, more language packs, support for classic and modern skins, iTunes library import and other exciting features.


The installation file is 13 396KB and the installation process is easy and straightforward; you can inspect the application’s features and decide which ones of them you need and which ones you wish to omit. The latest bundled version comes with Wnamp toolbar, Winamp Search as default search, and free 50 Mp3 and one audiobook downloads (registration required).

When you run Winamp for a first time a Setup wizard will ask you to choose a skin, the media files that you want to be associated with Winamp, select some or all of the featured services and will give you the option to provide feedback (you can skip the last step entirely). Once you are done, you can start adding your MP3 or other media files to your new player and familiarize yourself with the application.

Ease of use

Once you have Winamp up and running, you might get intimidated by all its features, buttons, panels, and menus. However, it shouldn’t take you more than a minute to figure out how to add and play your favorite mp3 songs or how to use the online services such as Shoutcast radio and TV, AOL radio, Winamp charts or MP3 of the day.

Winamp is highly configurable and allows you to either run it in “shadow mode,” pin it to the taskbar or the systray, change its skins, install different plug-ins, enable or disable notification and different effects, and configure multitude of other options.

Winamp offers three different free packages and a Pro version, which comes with unrestricted CD burning, MP3 encoding and High Quality AACPlus Encoding.

Winamp runs on Windows 2000, Windows XP, Windows Vista and Windows 7

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