WinSCP allows you safely transfer files to a remote computer; it uses SFTP (SSH File Transfer Protocol) and SCP (Secure Copy) protocols and supports some of the most widely-used encryption algorithms such as Blowfish, AES, DES and 3DES as well as private keys. WinSCP also lets you perform all the file operations that you might ever need such as renaming, moving and copying files, changing file and folder properties, editing text files with the built-in text editor, and performing numerous additional operations locally or on the remote server. WinSCP also supports PuTTY and has been translated to several languages.


The installation file is 2,465KB and the wizard is pretty easy to use – during the installation you can choose one of the two available interfaces, but you can switch between these interfaces later on as well.

Ease of use

WinSCP allows you to choose between two different interfaces – Norton Commander and Explorer-like, and they are both quite simple to use. When you start WinSCP for a first time simply fill in the host name, the username and the password of the remote computer, choose the file transfer protocol from the drop-down menu, and use private key if you want to.

Once you connect to the remote computer you can browse the remote files and folders just like your local files and perform some basic file operations such as renaming files, creating new folders, uploading files from the local to the remote computer, assigning different priorities to the files and folders, move or duplicate them and you can also create your own custom commands. If you need to configure the application, simply select View and click Preferences – a new window opens and it allows you to customize WinSCP. The program supports shortcuts, drag and drop, command line operations, batch file scripting, has integrated text editor and can store your sessions. If you need help, you will find very well-written documentation on the product’s website and for further assistance you can also visit the support forum.

WinSCP is a freeware (open source) and works on Windows (All versions)

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