Yawcam (Yet Another Webcam Software) is an application that lets you use your webcam to capture video or still images, upload them to a FTP server, stream videos real time to a website, and has additional features such as motion detection, password protection, stealth mode, scheduler, and many others. Yawcam works well with most of the latest webcams as well as other video devices and can easily be used for surveillance.


The installation file is quite small – only3045 KB, but Yawcam requires Java Runtime Environment (JRE) 6, Direct X 9 and Windows Media Player 9 or later to be installed on your computer. Once you get that out of the way, the installation is a smooth sailing.

Ease of use

The interface is very simple and therefore easy to use and the most widely used options can be found under the “file” submenu; many of Yawcam’s settings are configurable – you can change the default language, select camera, change the output folder, configure the FTP server settings, add password, enable the FTP upload scheduler, and tweak many other options; from the application menu you can also access the online help via your web browser.

Since Yawcam has a streaming feature, motion detection and built-in HTTP server, it can be easily used as a security application by streaming real-time to the web or uploading still images, captured with your cam, to your FTP server at a given interval; Yawcam supports three image file formats – JPG, PNG and GIF, can add time stamps to the captured still images and has been translated to more than 15 languages.

The application works well with all Direct X compatible webcams and video devices, which pretty much includes all the latest USB cams. If you want to be able to use some of the advanced options, you might have to change some of your router settings; the application can be minimized to the taskbar and when the motion detection is on, you can even make its icon hidden.

Yawcam is a freeware and works on Windows All

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