yEd is now offering a powerful new desktop application, the free graph editor. The aim of this graph editor is to allow users to quickly and easily produce diagrams that are extremely detailed, which can be used for a range of functions. The diagrams can be created by importing data directly, or by producing them manually.

yFILES - Circular Layout Demo

yEd  Functions

The yEd free graph editor is known for supporting a wide range of diagram types, which is why it is so popular with a wide range of users. It allows users to integrate illustrated diagrams for analysis including mind maps, charts used for organization purposes and much more.

The main functions of the yEd graph editor include being able to directly get data from .XLS or XML files and import them into the tool. Using this information and data, alongside the tool, users can easily create some extremely impressive and detailed diagrams. Using the functions available, the different sections of the diagram can easily be organised. Users can export these files in many format including SWF, PDF, SVG, JPG and even PNG files.

yEd  Pros and cons

The yEd free graph editor is certainly one of the most impressive freeware tools currently available. The interactive and detailed user interface might look complicated initially, but users will quickly become acquainted with it, allowing them to use it to their advantage. This might be freeware, but the company offers plenty of support compared with other freeware providers.

yFiles Organization Chart

Of course, being a piece of freeware software, it is likely to have lots of cons. That is certainly not the case with the yEd graph editor. In fact, the only thing that users might find slightly frustrating is that importing data can sometimes be an issue. After a few sessions using the yEd graph editor, importing data does become a lot easier.

Supported Operating systems

yEd has worked hard to ensure that as many operating systems as possible are support with the free graph editor. Many other freeware providers simply do not support a good range of operating systems, which certainly devalues the software a great deal. Currently, the software will support a range of operating systems including:

  • Windows
  • Unix/Linux
  • Mac OS.

yEd Download

yEd graph editor can be downloaded for absolutely free from here.

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