Nowadays, ensuring that files and documents on a computer are completely secure is of upmost importance. More and more people are finding that they eventually become a victim of ID theft. Not only that, but more people are finding that hackers or other people using their computer have access to documents that they really do not want them to. Of course, there are basic locking tools on most operating systems, but generally they do not offer the complexity needed to really ensure that people steer clear of important documents.

Luckily there are several products on the market that are able to produce a solution to these problems. Advanced Folder Locker is just one of these solutions which will help protect the privacy of computer users. It will ensure that regardless of who is trying to gain access, they will simply not be able to.

Installation of Advanced Folder Locker

The installation of the Advanced Folder Locker is actually extremely simple. There is a installation wizard that helps through the installation, but it is fairly self explanatory. The reality is that this program is fairly small in comparison to the majority of other programs, so the installation will be over in no time. In fact, even when the Advanced Folder Locker is running, it uses up little memory so has almost no affect on the speed of an operating system; exactly what users need to ensure the smooth running of their computer.


Advanced Folder Locker in use

One of the main things for computers users these days is to ensure that programs they use are easy to understand. The Advanced Folder Locker certainly fits the bill in that respect, as the user interface is something that almost any computer user can become familiar with, within a matter of minutes. After familiarizing themselves with the user interface, users can start by protecting themselves and their computers.



The Advanced Folder Locker software tool will help users to restrict part of their computers. Generally, these parts of the computer will contain important documents, maybe something relating to business accounts or maybe even a divorce. The Advanced Folder Locker will ensure that all folders are password protected, so there is no chance of anyone being able to gain access to the folders. Of course, this means people can just not see the folders, but also they can not move, delete or copy them as well; ensuring maximum protection.

Download Advanced Folder Locker

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