Sometimes accessing a desktop or a network over the internet is literally the only way to really access the data needed. This is where a remote desktop sharing facility such as Ammyy really comes into its own. This piece of software makes it not only quick and easy, but also 100% secure to start accessing another desktop or network, even if that network or desktop is not currently present. Accessing times vary as it does rely on the internet, but it can be as little as a few seconds.

Essentially the idea behind the Ammyy remote desktop sharing facility is to offer a way to access other desktops and networks, without having to pay for the privilege. Unlike many pieces of software of this kind, Ammyy actually offers the software on a free basis, allowing all users instant access.
Do not think that this is something that will reduce the quality of the software though, as Ammyy still incorporates plenty of features. For instance, the remote desktop can act without a full installation, which means access to a network or desktop can be even quicker than before. Alongside this, Ammyy has developed the remote desktop sharing facility based on it being transparent for firewalls, not to mention the fact that it has an incredibly user friendly user interface.

Other features that have been incorporated into the software also include remote server control, an interactive and complex file managed and extremely quick and secure access, meaning that all data is completely safe.

Pros and cons

Being free, the Ammyy remote desktop sharing facility can not be expected to be the very best in accessing desktops and networks, but it certainly comes close. It offers an immense range of features such as the file manager and incredible security, not to mention support, which certainly helps to separate it from the rest of the freeware pieces of software that are used as a comparison.

Operating Systems

Another thing that the developers, Ammyy, have focused a lot of their attention on is ensuring that the software in completely compatible with the best operating systems. This means that it covers Windows from 2000 right through to Vista and Windows 8.

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