BitKinex is a client that offers an all in one package for FTP/SFTP/HTTP/WebDAV for windows users. BitKinex has gone the extra mile when it comes to the development of their freeware software, especially when in direct comparison to a lot of the other developers. Although that are plenty of features for FTP such as support for SSL and even remote edit functions, there are plenty of other features that allow the developers to truly say this is one of the best pieces of freeware software out there and truly makes an excellent tool for anyone that can utilize it.

BitKinex Functions

As mentioned, the BitKinex – All-in-one FTP/SFTP/HTTP/WebDAV Client is one that is extremely technologically advanced, especially compared with the other different pieces of software that are out there. In fact, even if this was directly compared with paid versions of the software, most people would not be able to notice the difference easily.

Site navigation for a lot of people can be extremely frustrating, especially when freezing windows start to occur. This is something that the BitKinex software manages to combat. It does this alongside handling the time and data requests from users in a reasonable and efficient manner that make indirect transfers and working extremely simple. Having a user interface that does not clog up a desktop makes working extremely easy and makes workers more efficient. Not to mention the fact that the configuration properties of the BitKinex free ware client are extremely technologically advanced in comparison to other versions of the software that are currently circulating the Internet.


BitKinex Pros and cons

BitKinex all-in-one freeware client is extremely impressive overall. For a lot of users, it is the fact that they are have separate windows which makes it a lot more efficient to use. The browsing through folders simply could not have been any easier which is why many people consider this to be the best freeware client currently available.

Of course, with every piece of freeware software there are always going to be some disadvantages. With BitKinex the fact that each of the windows can not be minimized individually can start to become extremely frustrating extremely quickly. Alongside this, the installation of the BitKinex package could be considered to be complicated and messy. Every time an action is made by some users, it will try and re-install, which can be even more frustrating that the window issue.

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