Comodo Backup is basically a piece of software that allows users to instantly back up their documents and general files, completely free. Many computer users have not experienced viruses or system failures and until they do, they will simply not understand how important free file backup software really is. Comodo Backup helps users to never have to experience losing all of their important files and means that they do not have to pay for this privilege.

Comodo Backup main functions

There are dozens of features incorporated into the Comodo Backup. Some make it functional, but some make it incredibly easy to use, so even the least experienced computer users will be able to grasp how to backup their software quickly, easily and more importantly; regularly.

Comodo Backup

Comodo Backup starts off by offering online storage space totaling 5GB. What this means is that users can quickly and easily access their files. If they need to wait for their computer to be fixed, but still need to access the files on there, they can do so on a remote basis using the online storage system. Alongside this, Comodo Backup will automatically group all the documents into a profile function, which means they can all be backed up with just one click.

Comodo Backup Profiles

Comodo Backup basically offers users peace of mind more than anything. For those that do not trust or understand the online system, they have even incorporated a burn function. Users can now burn their documents to disc. For those that want access to burning, online networks and external drive backup software for free, Comodo Backup is certainly the answer.


Pros and cons

The complete excess of features is what makes Comodo Backup so great. They have managed to move their free file backup software with technology, which is why they have incorporated the online storage system, which is much more up to date with the current requirements of computer users in comparison to the burn feature they offer.
The problem with Comodo Backup is that a lot of users find it incredibly confusing to get used to in terms of operating the user interface. This is a problem that is incredibly short lived, as the user interface is something that users get used to with experience.

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