Fancy getting your hands on some registered antivirus software for free? We’ve got 20 Edit 50  free keys for the professional version of Comodo Internet Security.

Not available any more!

The keys comes courtesy of the excellent folks over at Comodo and yes – you heard right – we’ve got a whopping fifty keys so there’s plenty of chance to get your hands on the program, which we took a look at in our recent review.

Comodo is a fully featured security suite which includes not only a standard anti-virus scanner and removal tool but also one of the best software firewalls ever created. It also incorporates Comodo’s excellent Defense+ system, which provides another layer of protection for malicious attacks.

Comodo is as full featured as many of the big names in security but it’s also lightweight and the standard version is totally free. The professional version steps up personal security and computer maintenance to another level however – it gives you access to ‘LivePC support’. LivePC allows you to connect to real expert, 24 hours a day, to help diagnose security issues. You’ll even find people on hand to help you install the program, so the support starts from the very first time you download.

Comodo Competition

This is perfect for people who understand how important internet security is but don’t have the time to dedicate themselves to learning every single thing about virus protection. Even if you consider yourself tech savvy, we bet you’ve got a friend or relative who could really benefit from a service like this!

Entering the giveaway couldn’t be simpler: just leave a comment on this thread. To keep the giveaway fair we’re only allowing one entry per person.

Be quick though –  only the first 50 to comment will get keys!

Not available any more!


  1. person

    :) can you give me one? I’m trying to get rid of a virus and my COMODO Antivirus says it couldn’t remove all the malware. It also suggest that I download a Comodo Internet Security Pro to remove the threats.

  2. drama3

    That will be great, i’ve been using the free firewall and i’m quite impressed with it, would love to see how the package as a whole works :)

    Thanks again

  3. Daniel

    Thanks for the Comodo Pro, will let you know how good it is. Have been wanting to try it. Has some good ratings.

  4. Mon Enrik

    Wow! It is a great idea to give us chance to have it by giving it away. I hope I can have it. I think it is the greatest product for my computer protection! Please let me have it. Thank You

  5. Sakolporn Rajruangrabin

    I am using Comodo internet Secutity, and would like to try Comodo Internet Security Pro version. I believe only 14 have been given away, mine would be the 15. Thanks

  6. Ray

    I can’t work out how many keys you have given out, so I am asking for one if there’s any left.

  7. Roy Owens

    I am just about to reinstall my OS as a previous firewall (now uninstalled) left traces that won’t let me install any new software even though I am an adminstrator. So if there are any keys left I would really appreciate one. Cheers Roy

  8. John Neely

    Great free firewall protection. Have been using this for about one year and am impressed with the product.

  9. Robert Odon

    I’m using this software right now and it’s great. I’ve found it to be just as good as the other top name brands on the market and at a much better cost during these hard times.

  10. George

    Happy Holidays. I trust everyone had a great time with the loved ones? If there are any keys available at this late stage of time I would like to acquire one as well please. I look forward to trying the additional features this application has to offer. Thx and have a magnificent New Year.

  11. Raphoul

    The beta release of CIS is for everyone now:

    you can download it

    32 Bit Operating Systems:

    64 Bit Operating Systems:

    i tried it it’s an great software

    there is better AV engine , a sandbox and less popup

    it is faster so what can I ask more ?

    Maybe a free key for the pro version ….


  12. Krazy Shark

    Have been using Comodo Internet Suite for some time now and to me it’s better than some so called “named” software’s, it’s fast, lightweight, and not a resource hogger and the added sandbox is a boon. Keep up the good work Comodo. if I get a key GREEEEEAAAAAAT if not oh well. :-D

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