Dropbox is a utility that allows you to sync a folder on your local PC to a folder on the Internet seamlessly, without any need for manual uploads.

Installation and Setup

Dropbox is incredibly easy to setup. Dropbox asks you to fill out a registration form as you install including your name and email address. Once installed the program takes up around 15MB of space and a negligible amount of system resources.

Ease of Use

Although rare only a few years ago, there’s now a massive amount of services that offer a free web space. Many of these are specialist services, but as space and bandwidth get cheaper, more companies are offering the ability to upload just about any type of file to their servers. This allows you to access files on any computer, providing you have a net connection.

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Having to login and upload files manually came be a time consuming process however, especially when you have a lot of different files to add at once. This is where Dropbox comes in, combining the drag and drop style system of a memory card with the massive bonuses of storing your content online.

The system couldn’t be easier to use, the program creates a new folder (you can specify where but the default appears in ‘My Documents’) and anything you drag into that folder will then be instantly uploaded to Dropbox’s site. Then, when you move to another computer you can login to the site or download the application and have all of you files instantly available.

The service is so simple, well designed and easy to use there’s not much to say about it other than it’s pure gold in terms of time saving and design. If you regularly use more than one computer, you need this program.

Differences between Free and Professional

Dropbox is totally free and doesn’t advertise via the program. However, users have the option of upgrading their available web space from 2 gigabytes to 50 gigabytes if they need the extra space. At the time of writing, this extended service costs $99 for a year.

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