Evernote is a software that is designed for taking down notes and keeping them organized.  With advancements in technology, using post-its and notepads just would not do anymore.  As everyone is into gadgets and their respective applications, Evernote is the trend in keeping notes organized.
There are two versions of Evernote, the free version and the premium version.  Obviously, the free version provides lesser features compared to the premium version but nonetheless, it is able to provide its users with the services Evernote is made for.  The differences between the 2 versions would be the amount of free online storage and the maximum note size.  The free version provides less of these 2 features compared to the premium version.

Even then, using any of the two versions of Evernote has the following advantages;

  • Relatively easy to install
  • Available for Android, Blackberry, iPhones and iPads
  • Provides automatic synchronization between desktop, mobile phone and web version
  • Notes are easy to create and can be tagged for future reference

Downloading the free version of Evernote would allow a user to manage personal notes.  With the number of notes to file, there is a tendency of losing some of them.  But with Evernote, documents and notes are kept organized.  What users love most about Evernote is its ability to synchronize with iPad, iPhone, mobile phone and the web version of Evernote.  You do not have to save all notes to all of your gadgets because Evernote will have everything synchronized for you.  Also, it provides an instant backup to avoid losing important files.

Evernote Sync

With Evernote, you can save any information that you would most likely need, from your personal to-do lists, to documents and write-ups you have found on the internet.  You can also write your own diary, keep important photos, and make your own organizer in a cool, fun and creative way using the Evernote features.  These features allow an Evernote user to take notes anytime, anywhere; keep a record of anything interesting such as a photo or video, save favorite webpages so you do not waste time searching for them, and even share your notes with friends and colleagues.  From a list of books to read, to recipes and shopping list, Evernote can be the perfect tool to keep important notes and documents.  Yes, you can scan those receipts and keep them on Evernote so you will not lose them.

Being in a fast-changing world where people are always on the go, Evernote is addressing the needs of people who would want to keep track of every single moment and thought without making a mess at their desks.  With the ultimate information organizer such as Evernote, each moment and thought is captured in a very organized and detailed manner.  Anyone can use Evernote.  Just download either the free of premium version and start writing down all those noteworthy ideas and events.  Work your way around the features of the Evernote and see that it is not just any other notepad but the perfect organizer.

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  1. Vipin Pandey

    I love leaving notes on Evernote. The most loving feature of this tool is it is available for all platform. I can add notes from my browser and also can see that on my Android smartphone. I am using this tool for 2 years.

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