f.lux is a free scree light adjuster that has been produced for a range of operating systems. In the day time, the screen may seem normal. When night time comes round, many users find it hard to focus and straining their eyes is not uncommon. This is certainly not healthy and can damage eye sight, which is why the f.lux free screen light adjuster has been produced, to rectify an ongoing problem.

How it works

The idea behind the f.lux free screen light adjuster is to adjust the background colour of the screen on a computer, it will adapt based on the time of day. A lot of users use the f.lux free screen light adjuster because it helps them focus on their work and avoids them straining their eyes. In fact, some users actually use the free screen light adjuster simply because after working, they are able to sleep better as they have managed to avoid headaches.

So what does f.lux actually do for your computer? f.lux works by adjusting the colour temperature of the screen on a computer. Natural light during the day time is usually slightly blue, which is why at night time a lot of people have problems actually focusing on their screen. f.lux is a solution to a problem that many people working with computers have on a daily basis. It produces a much more natural to the colour of the screen, to a point where it is not damaging their eyes and allowing them to work as normal.
Screenshot of F.Lux running on Windows 7

Pros and cons

The f.lux free screen light adjuster is known for being a tool that is basic, but has high capabilities, things that are not usually mixed in the same sentence. This tool is about as simple as it gets. All users have to do is install the f.lux free screen light adjuster using the link that has been provided and hit the install button. Once the light adjuster has been installed and is working in harmony with the computer, users need to do nothing else. The f.lux freeware software will work on its own to adjust the settings relating to the temperature colour display without any manual or external help from the computer user.

Screenshot of F.Lux Settings running on Windows 7

When it comes to the cons of the f.lux light screen adjuster, there are very few. It certainly does its job, but being a piece of freeware, it does lack support. When a bug occurs it can take a while to fix, but this is certainly to be expected.

Supported operating systems

The f.lux freeware light adjuster works with operating systems such as Windows, Mac and Linux.

Download f.lux

Follow this link  to downloadf.lux light screen adjuster for free.

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