Another browser? If you’re like us, you might getting a little disillusioned by all the recent browser releases and update that all essentially look the same and do the same things. Flock is different, however. It actually has a niche that won’t appeal to everyone, but if you one of the millions who enjoys using social networking to keep up with friends, family the world, it could be your new favourite browser.



Installation and Setup

Flock allows you to customise your setup a little but you should have no problem using the automatic install instead. Just watch out as it likes to change Flock to your default browser which might be a step you are unwilling to take when trying it out. Importing your settings and bookmarks from either Firefox or IE is easy and requires and couple of clicks during the install. Memory wise Flock uses about the same amount of RAM and system resources as Firefox and installs to 35MB of space (about 30% more than standard Firefox).

Ease of Use

If you noticed us mentioning Firefox quite a bit it’s because Flock is based on the Firefox 3 core and will function a lot like Firefox as well as keep the main features and speed of Mozilla’s browser. Indeed, one of the main bonuses of Flock is that it can use Firefox add-ons which give it a massive amount of flexibility and power out of the box.


The main idea of Flock however is to provide users with a Firefox that has a distinct focus towards social networking sites like Myspace, Facebook and Twitter. Once you’ve configured all your various accounts and sidebar in the browser integrates all of your social networking sites and lets you keep up with your friends as you browse. There are already several programs that do a similar thing available but most are IM clients – Flock is the first to integrate them into the main framework of a browser.

Flock provides social networkers a great reason to use the browser and if you’re even remotely into the idea of the browser that can watch your facebook statuses and tweets, you should give Flock a try.

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