Freelang is extremely useful, simple, lightweight, easy to use and excellent little tool that can help you immensely if you are trying to learn a foreign language. It can be used as a dictionary and also allows you to create your own practice lists; at the time of this writing Freelang offers no less than 247 language wordlists.


The installation file is tiny – 446KB for the American English file and the installation is very simple – choose a language and click the next button a few times. The confusing part is that in order to run the application you have to download and install a word list as well and finding any of these two files on the freelang’s website is not as easy as you might think. You should also make sure that the two programs are installed in the same directory and remember that directory if you opted not to create a desktop icon or a startup folder.

Ease of use

Launch the program by double clicking on the application or your desktop shortcut and the program’s Windows will help you practice your foreign language skills by looking up words, creating practice lists so you can learn the new words at your own pace, you can also add and remove words. He programs allows you to add as many language lists as you wish and the number of supported language is pretty impressive. If you want to switch between lists simply click the Language option from the menu and change the language that you wish to explore. There is a help file included as well, which will help you start using Freelang in case you need assistance.

Finding the meaning of a word is as simple as clicking on the Search button and typing the word in the search field and you will see the corresponding translation in the right pane. The search windows is customizable as well – you can change the number of lines displayed and turn the automatic clipboard search on or off.

If you need to type a special character, not available on your keyboard, turn the character set on, choose the character that you wish to type and it will appear in the search box.

Freelang is a freeware and runs on Windows All

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