Inkscape is a cross-platform vector-based graphics application, which can be used for creating graphics, logos, diagrams, icons, maps and many more. Inkscape was released for a first time in 2003 and has been under constant development ever since; it offers features that can be found in similar commercial software and it aims to be more user friendly, while still supporting advanced SVG (Scalable Vector Graphics )features. The tool also allows the end-user to import many popular formats such as JPEG, BMP, PNG, EPS and TIFF and export PNG file formats.


Installing the editor is easy, although it takes a while; the wizard will give you an option to choose which components to keep – in order to save some disk space, you might want to deselect the numerous language packages, if you don’t have use for them.

Ease of use

After launching the editor you might get intimidated by all the toolbars, menus and buttons, but the environment is no different than the one that you are likely to find in other similar applications.

The tools are grouped on the left and mouse-over tips will help you figure out what each one of them does, although you should be able to guess their functions by their icon’s shapes.

With a few mouse clicks you can open the built-in tutorials or read the online documentation, which will help you understand how to use the editor.

Incscape has all the features that you are likely to ever need: Object creation, Styling Objects, Object manipulation, Operating on paths, Text Support, Rendering, XML tree editor, and many more. However, text support needs to be improved.

Each release of Inscape tries to follow the GNOME Human interface guidelines, which means that the user can use common keyboard shortcuts in order to perform familiar operations, such as Copy, Paste, and Open, Save and other file options. Inkscape uses quite a bit of memory, but so do most vector-based graphic editors.

Inkscape is a freeware and works on Linux, Windows and Mac OS X

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