JumBlo is a piece of software that many people have been waiting an extremely long time for. There are hundreds of pieces of software out there today, but very few have the capabilities that can be seen with JumBlo. The reality is that the huge popularity of JumBlo did not really kick off until they launched their new 1.3 version. Since then they have been struggling to keep up with demand, as people truly start to understand the piece of software that they are really offering.

Installation of JumBlo

The installation process relating to JumBlo is short and sweet. The program is fairly small in comparison to the majority of other programs, so it takes up a minimal amount of room on an operating system.

JumBlo in use

Although people had been waiting for JumBlo for quite a while, they were not about to accept it until it had been tried and tested. One of the main tests was always going to be the usability factor. After all, there is no point having a product that can complete complex tasks, if the majority of the population are going to struggle to use it. The great thing is that JumBlo passed with flying colors, offering an exceptional yet easy user experience.

What JumBlo manages to achieve is to offer people fast and reliable encryption. The JumBlo software consists of two major factors; the encryption and the decryption part of the software. This means that which ever way people are looking to go, they can use this one piece of software. The great thing is that the developers have fully integrated the product into Windows Explorer. What this means is that the Drag and Drop and Right Click Menus can all be used here.

The JumBlo software is a huge step forward for the industry. Not only is there an extremely capable encryption and decryption device now out there, but it has been designed so that all sorts of users can use it; not just trained professionals; which is always good news!

Download JumBlo

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