LicenseCrawler is a great piece of software that aims to save people time and money when it comes to setting up their system again. A lot of people find that they want to wipe their system and start from scratch. One of the main reasons for doing this would be because of a virus. Whatever the reason for reconfiguring a computer, the main problem is finding all the licenses and serial numbers for all the software that was originally installed.

So what is so good about LicenseCrawler? LicenseCrawler is effectively a piece of software that will store all the licenses and the related serial numbers of software programs. These software programs will be ones that the user has purchased and used in the past, so the LicenseCrawler knows that they are not fakes. When they re-configure their computer, they can use the LicenseCrawler to save themselves lots of time.

Installation of LicenseCrawler

Essentially, this is just a database of usernames and passwords, so the installation file is not particularly large. For this reason, LicenseCrawler is an extremely quick and easy piece of software to install. Most people should expect the install to take in the region of 3-5 minutes, if not much quicker in many cases. Follow the on screen instructions, as they will do a walk through guide of how to install LicenseCrawler correctly.

LicenseCrawler in use

Looking at the ease of use of a product is extremely important. There are lots of pieces of software that do a good job, but are too complicated for most people to operate. The LicenseCrawler is not however, it is just a simple database with an extremely user friendly user interface.

What users can do is stop searching their emails, stop searching their manuals and stop searching their receipts to try and find license numbers and serial numbers. Instead, they can install LicenseCrawler which will discover the numbers needed for the installation to take place. This means if people are setting up their computer (not the first time), then the LicenseCrawler will be able to access all the details it needs to enable the installs of certain programs for the user.

Another great thing about the LicenseCrawler software is that it is supported by most operating systems. The earliest Windows operating system that is supported is Windows 95 and it supports everything right through to Windows Vista, so it really does cater for nearly everybody!

Download LicenseCrawler from Brothersoft

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