No matter what email client or service you use, you are likely to have your inbox bombarded with spam messages: they can range from solicitations to malicious viruses that can do real damage to your computer and steal some of your private information. In order to prevent these messages getting to your computer, you need a program that is able to intercept them before them before they reach your hard drive and this is exactly what MailWasher Free does.


The software gets installed easily – simply follow the few steps of the installation Wizard

Once installed, the software will try to detect your email account settings on your email program and present you with the option of manually adding an email account.

Ease of use

The way the program works is by checking your email messages before you download them – this way you will be notified of potentially dangerous messages (ones that might have malicious attachments) or you can delete the unwanted messages before downloading them. MailWasher Free tries to automatically decide which messages are spam and which ones come from a friend; of course the process is not 100% flawless since at times it is quite difficult to distinguish spam from legitimate messages, however, MailWasher Free “learns” quite quickly and give you the options to manually categorize your messages.

Right clicking on an email message presents you with a few options such as adding the recipient to the ban list, removing him or her from your friends’ list, adding the domain to the ban list, etc.

You can easily work with your email account, download all your messages with the click of a button, launch your default email program from inside MailWasher Free, etc.; the program is highly configurable and you can change the general, display, connection, and recycle bin options, easily add new email accounts and configure the spam tools.

You can also change the way MailWasher Free learns; using the software is quite intuitive, but if you need help you can always refer to the excellent written help file, which will assist you in figuring out even the most advanced options and settings. Unfortunately MailWasher Free doesn’t integrate with your default email client and it opens in a separate window and the free version doesn’t support Hotmail or AOL.
MailWasher Free is a freeware and work on Windows XP, Windows 2000, Windows Vista, Windows NT, Windows 7

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