Mikogo is a cross-platform program that is extremely easy to use, simple, fast, and reliable and can help you run webinars, show presentations or offer remote support. Even for the everyday users this little tool is extremely helpful – if allows them to share their screens or send files, documents and songs to their friends, even if some of them are working on a Mac while others are running Windows. Mikogo is also speedy and very flexible – it allows for up to 10 people to participate in each session, the presenters can be changed on the fly, each session participant can choose which application running on his or her computer are visible to the others and which are not, and transmission can be paused at any time as well. Mikogo uses 256-Bit AES encryption, which makes the sessions extremely secure.


Mikogo comes in two different flavors – Mikogo starter and Mikogo participant; the former is used if you wish to initiate a session and the latter if you only want to join a session. Both files are small in size – the starter is 1,638KB and the participant 1,247KB. After one of these files is downloaded to your computer, double click it – Mikogo will start and you will see a small notification window.

Once you see Mikogo’s icon in your system tray you are ready to use it – no further configuration is necessary.

Ease of use

Mikogo is extremely simple to use – if you want to start a session simply right-click on the small system tray icon and choose that option, then enter your username, password, and your name and click the OK button.

If you wish to join a session type the session id and your name and that is it!

The program is highly configurable – open the settings window by right-clicking on the icon and selecting settings, then from the options tab change which application you would like to share with the other session participants, you can also change the quality vs speed settings and some of the start options.

Mikogo comes with a session scheduler, which allows you to edit, start and view your scheduled sessions and supports https, socks and web proxies.

Mikogo is a freeware and works on computers running Mac OS X and Windows 2000, Windows 2003, Windows XP, Windows Vista and Windows 7

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