Miranda IM is a great piece of software that has been developed for Windows. The need for a multi-protocol client based on instant messaging for Windows is great and Miranda has managed to satisfy the need. The great thing about Miranda IM is that the features incorporated are clever and do not take up much space. A lot of other instant messaging clients use a lot of a computer systems resources, meaning that they tend to run extremely slowly.

An instant messaging application that needs no installation was always going to be popular. Users can put it to a floppy or single USB drive and have it on their system within minutes. The best thing about the software is that the limitations are fairly thin, with the option to add up to 350 plugins at any one time, making this one of the most powerful and also flexible messaging clients available on a world wide basis.


As mentioned above, the Miranda IM client is a step above all other instant messaging applications simply because it does not need an installation. Users can use the Miranda IM client from a remote application and take it where ever they go. The files are so small, that a user can fit them to a floppy or single USB drive if they wish.

Ease of Use

Miranda IM has been designed to ensure that all types of computer users can use it effectively. A lot of other instant messaging systems are complicated to run, complicated to install and complicated to use, none of which are the case with Miranda IM. In fact, using the support that is offer ensures that no user ever has any problems with the Miranda IM and everyone can use it to its full potential. Check out the many add-ons to see what the application can really do!

Here is the thing; Miranda IM has a lot more features than a lot of people would care to imagine. One of the great features is that the user interface gives off a unique feel; it can be adapted to each individual user. If that is not enough, then users have the chance to easily manage all of their contacts and utilize all the different contact networks to ensure they can use the Miranda IM efficiently.

Storing messages is something that a lot of instant messaging applications do not do. That is certainly not the case with Miranda IM, which uses a archive database to ensure chat history is instantly available to all users.


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