Panda Security has always been an industry leader when it comes to anti virus software. It has been over two years since the first version of the Panda Cloud Anti Virus software was released and since then, it has been developed a lot. Nowadays it offers excellent usability, alongside some excellent features that put it heads and shoulders above the rest. Unlike previous versions, the newer versions aim to intercept network traffic. By doing this, it is able to build up plenty of functionalities relating to firewalls to ensure that it blocks any incoming threats. HTTP and POP3 based traffic will now be much more secure than it has ever been.



As always, Panda Security has ensured that their new Panda Cloud Anti Virus software is one of the easiest in the business to install. Panda realize that not everyone has vast amounts of technological knowledge and that an easy installation process is always needed. Using their help and installation guides, the Panda Cloud Anti Virus software can be correctly installed within a few minutes.


Ease of Use

Ease of use is something that has been important to Panda since they started developing software. Ease of use starts with the installation process, right through to using Panda Cloud Anti Virus on a day to day virus. In fact, anyone that does struggle with any part of the software or installation gets interactive help thanks to the Panda Cloud Antivirus Beta Support Forum.

The Panda Cloud Anti Virus Support Forum might not seem like that good of an idea, but it really is. When people start developing problems, they will soon see that logging onto the support forum will tend to sort out any issues that they have within a few minutes. Panda employees scour the forums looking to help as many people as possible, so this is a great way to rectify problems.

The ease of use is partly down to the features incorporated into the Panda Cloud Anti Virus software. Things such as great monitoring processes alongside top quality reporting allow users to see exactly what is going on. In fact, users can block processes and send them to the recycling bin and also, see what processes have been automatically blocked. The background scan tends to bring up any abnormalities in the computer system without too much fuss.


Overall Panda Cloud Anti Virus offers users an excellent all round experience.

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