PC INSPECTOR™ File Recovery is data recovery software, which supports NTFS and FAT 121632 file systems and can recover files in more than 20 popular file formats. The tool can retrieve lost data that has been accidentally deleted or damaged due to system failure, malicious viruses or other reasons; it recovers the files with their original time stamp even when the header entry is not available. PC INSPECTOR™ File Recovery is capable of recovering lost data not only from hard drives, but also from memory sticks, USB flash, external disks, Smartmedia™ and other similar devices.


The installation is easy and quick. Launch the installation file, choose a language from the drop-down menu and complete the necessary steps of the installation wizard.

Ease of use

PC INSPECTOR File Recovery takes some time getting used to and requires some advanced computer knowledge, but with the aid of the well-written help file, which includes tutorial in five languages even the novice users can use this tool. The interface is simple, although not extremely intuitive, but you can start using the program right away. Choose Object from the programs menu, click Drive and the program will automatically scan your computer for physical and logical drives. Select the logical drive, which you wish to inspect and wait for PC INSPECTOR File Recovery to retrieve the existing files and directories.

Select the directory hat you wish to inspect from the left pane and click Find files or Find lost data; if you choose the latter, you will be prompted to enter the start and the end cluster. Keep in mind that recovering your files might take a while, especially if you are recovering them from large drives, but the program uses minimal resources and can be safely run in the background. You can change some of the default display, files and drive-access options

or use the tool to show you information about your drive or System

PC INSPECTOR™ File Recovery is freeware and works on Windows 9x, ME, XP, Windows 2000 and NT 4.0

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