PingPlotter is known for being a traceroute application that offers the highest performance possible. From you right to the target, the PingPlotter traceroute freeware application will obtain information directly related to that route, whether that be a game server, web address or something similar.

Screenshot of PingPlotter Freeware

PingPlotter Functions

PingPlotter Freeware was the first of the PingPlotter line to be produced and therefore, it is the core basis of all other products. PingPlotter is a piece of software that can be an extremely high quality tool for anyone that is looking for an option of tracing routes that is not just low cost, but completely free.

Although the PingPlotter traceroute software is actually freeware, it still has immense capabilities. For instance, when it does DNS name lookups, it will produce the lookups in a different thread to traces based on the IP address. Alongside this, users might find that the original trace changes to a different route throughout their lookup, something that the PingPlotter software can pick up on and then follow easily.

PingPlotter is something that can be incorporated as a completely free solution to current traceroute problems. It has a multi-threaded engine for traces which include all kinds of graphical input, so users really do have everything that they need.

PingPlotter – Pros and cons

The great thing about PingPlotter traceroute freeware software is obviously that to the user, there is absolutely no cost involved at all. This means that the software is useful and capable of helping almost everyone, whether that be an application, administrator or an online gamer. Essentially, anyone that has problems with their connection to the internet will find this tool incredibly useful and will be able to use it to its full potential.

Screenshot of PingPlotter Freeware tracing

PingPlotter’s only con is that the paid versions incorporate some extra features. That being said, the capabilities of the freeware software are more than adequate, therefore, there is no real reason to upgrade.

Supported Operating systems

Unlike many other freeware software, PingPlotter traceroute software actually supports all of the popular operating systems. This includes the following:

  • Windows 98
  • ME
  • NT
  • 2000
  • XP and 2003
  • 2008
  • Vista
  • Windows 7

Download PingPlotter Freeware

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