Spotify is a little difficult to describe, although works somewhat like a cross between iTunes – which it bears a striking resemblance to – and Internet radio sites like The service is free, but paid for via adverts which appear a few times an hour. Adverts can be removed for a monthly or daily charge. Currently, Currently the free advertising supported version of Spotify is available in Sweden, Norway, Finland, the UK, France and Spain. Note that some countries require you to have a invite witch can be gained if you ask for one in the comment form under this article. Or you could simply purchase Spotify Premium as it is available in most countries.

Installation and Setup

Spotify installation requires registration at the site which is fairly quick and easy, although you’ll need a valid email address to sign up. The program is a very small download that barely takes up any space on your computer, and runs without taking up much of your system resources.

Spotify - Whats New

Ease of Use

Spotify is quite unlike any other type of software available right now. There’s a varied array of music available, but it’s still a little limited when it comes to some genres, and some whole genres like trance totally missing from the list. Luckily thousands of tracks are being added weekly so we should be seeing a much more complete selection of music available very soon. The sound quality is average to good, with most music offered around 160Kbps; not exactly CD quality, but more than adequate for the casual listeners Spotify appeals to.

Spotify top list

It’s worth remembering that even though Spotify has less variety than some services like iTunes and there is no way to download the tracks themselves, it’s an entirely legal service that has been especially careful with its licensing laws, which is the main reason the service is not yet available worldwide.

Differences Between Free and Professional

Adverts are spaced out enough to rival any commercial station, and aren’t too obtrusive. If you don’t mind some minor interruptions, the free version is an excellent choice. Adverts can be removed for 99p a day.

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