Windows 7 is the best iteration of Windows yet, and thanks to the millions (yes, there are literally that many) of developers worldwide, there is a lot of great software around for almost every purpose. Being an OS that gets installed on home computers, as well as business machines, it’s a given that there should be apps to help you increase your productivity and go through your work faster and better. Here is just a short list of apps that will boost your productivity:

Focus Booster

Focus Booster is an amazing utility that can help you increase your productivity while also allowing you to rest more and be more refreshed throughout the day. It’s a simple AIR app that uses the Pomodoro technique, which basically lets you work for say, 20 minutes, and rest for 10, then repeat the process again and again throughout the day. The increase in productivity is pretty high, and as you’re resting quite often, you’ll always have a clear head and be able to work way more than you usually do. Get Focus Booster


Launchy is one of the best productivity apps for Windows – it lets you launch programs and open files with a few keystrokes. It’s a lot like the Windows 7 task bar search field, only you can configure it to work with any folders, not only the All Programs one. It works pretty well at finding the app you desire when you start typing a part of its name (for example, Effects would get you Adobe After Effects and any other apps with “Effects” in their name), and you can quickly scroll up and down and launch it by pressing Enter. It’s a must have if you have a lot of apps or work with a lot of files every day. Get it!


If you’re tired of remembering all the different passwords and user names for the various websites and services you use, Lastpass is the solution for you. It’s basically a password storage app, only it’s more powerful than standalone solutions like 1Password – the passwords are securely stored on a remote server, and they have an add-on for every browser out there, so you can use Lastpass to log in to any site, from any computer you want, with one single master password. It’s very convenient and will save you a lot of time, especially if you need to frequently log in from other computers. Get it!


Gladinet is an amazing tool that everyone can use to improve and speed up their work. The app allows you to use any of the major cloud storage services (including Amazon S3, Gladinet’s own cloud server, Microsoft SkyDrive, Google Apps, and more) like you would a local disk drive – just mount and download/upload your stuff or set up an automatic sync across multiple devices (not only Windows machines!). Get it!

Agent Ransack

Agent Ransack has saved me a lot of time searching for files and various documents. The apps can be used to search for duplicate files, search for files with a specific word in their name, and most importantly, search for files with specific words INSIDE the files themselves – that’s an amazingly useful feature for those who work with a lot of documents, and you can search within Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Notepad and PDF files quickly and easily – try it, you won’t regret it! Get it!

Being productive is pretty important nowadays, and if you’re working at a computer all day long, having the right apps to help you can definitely make your work faster and better. The above tools are just the beginning – there are a lot of other great tools out there for Windows – it is after all, the world’s most popular OS by a wide margin, and it’s used by consumers and professionals alike all over the world.

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