When it comes to finding new and useful applications, it can sometimes be difficult for users to determine which ones are worth while. The Transmission BitTorrent client is certainly one that is worth looking at. Its cross platform means it works with a huge range of operating systems and incorporates more than enough features.

One thing that can be said for the Transmission client is that it designed for users. Unlike a lot of applications, the purpose of this application is not to make money from people that use it. Instead, the full version is available for free, rather than retaining features only for people that pay for the full version.


The installation process of Transmission

The installation process is as simple as downloading the application and following the basic user guide to install. The application will be usable within a few minutes and no advanced technical knowledge is required for the setup.

Ease of Use

When it comes to ease of use, the Transmission client is one of the easiest to use out there. Not only is this application easy to use, but it also has some extremely powerful features that allows people to obtain exactly what they are looking for. Users can configure the user interface to function exactly how they want it to with a few clicks of a mouse. This includes setting up things like block lists and of course, the general web interface.

There are plenty of other GUI based clients out there. There have been various tests that show that Transmission uses a lot less CPU than any of the other clients. This is obviously a plus, as it means users can use the Transmission application without comprising the quality of their system. The same can be said for the amount of memory that the client uses during its use.


Examples of the high quality that Transmission offers can be found over at Imageshack. The developers at Imageshack chose to use this for its BitTorrent farms. The simple reason for choosing transmission was the fact that the memory usage was a lot less than anything else that was considered to be comparable.


Some other places that love the way Transmission works include the likes of FON, Belkin and even Networked Media Tank. All of these users extract the maximum benefit from using Transmission in comparison to other applications, which is one of the reasons the popularity of Transmission continues to grow each day.

Download Transmission today!

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